Dairy and Small Children

A friend recently asked for my opinion on dairy in small children.  His daughter was constipated since introducing it into her diet, and like many parents, uncertain whether it could be responsible, and would it be irresponsible to take her off it, considering the strong medical opinion that it is necessary for calcium levels.

Whenever I see such a dramatic correlation, with no other changes, I think, Why not try it for a week or two?  Children are so wonderfully resilient, you'll usually know in that short of time.  Short term also allows us not to worry about nutrition loss, though I say if the child is eating a well-balanced diet, drinking other fortified alternative milk beverages, then generally I think the benefits of reduction often outway the risk.

If the child's digestive tract is so bothered by a food, are they even absorbing nutrients from the problem food, or other foods for that matter?  

Trial eliminations of dairy can be beneficial in recurrent ear infections, eczema, colic, constipation, frequent colds, and poor sleep.