Do I need a referral to see a naturopathic doctor?

No, ND's are private healthcare providers, patients can simply call the clinic and book their own appointment.

What can I expect from my visit?

Your ND will want to know everything about your body, medical history, diet, supplements, prescriptions, so please bring anything health related.  A physical exam will be performed and a treatment plan, as decided by both the patient and doctor, will be implemented by the end of the first visit.

Can I continue to see my medical doctor, obstetrician, midwife, specialist?

Absolutely!  Healthcare is best as a team.  ND's will not advise against another healthcare provider.

I've been told my chances of fertility of extremely low.  Is there still a point to trying naturopathic medicine?

There is absolutely a point to getting assessed and acquiring another opinion.  There are so many times when despite challenges, when the body is given what it needs to heal, with effort and time, amazing results can be seen.  Again, many clinics do not thoroughly check lesser causes of infertility and may be speaking prematurely.  In the meantime, naturopathic treatment can help your sleep, energy, mood and hormones, while we support the fertility process.

There is so much information out there regarding vaccinations.  How does the doctor normally approach this debate?

As a college, our profession supports the patient and does not recommend against the College of Physicians in this matter.  NDs are wonderful resources for giving information, resources, and inspiration to help a parent decide what is best for them and their family, and medically support whatever the choice is.

Does the naturopathic doctor offer testing?  Is it covered by Alberta Health Services?

The doctor has many testing options available, that will be recommended according to the individual case.  Testing is not covered by AHS, but services and tests may be covered by some extended health care benefits, so ask your provider.

Can I get a test without seeing the doctor?

No, a patient needs to evaluated before testing, then appropriate treatment and monitoring must take place for patient safety.

 Will the doctor work with my medical doctor or specialist?

Dr. Maguire is always willing to work with other members of your healthcare team to provide the best care of the patient.