A few of my favourite things (for pregnancy!)


I routinely use acupuncture for pregnancy "side effects" such as nausea, musculoskeletal issues and labour support.  Most patients find it calming, balancing and strengthening, and the fetus loves it too!  In my own pregnancies, I truly believe it balanced my thyroid, helped me sleep, and minimize issues.  I also loved it when both of my beautifully, healthy babies were so comfortable in the uterus, they stayed a few days over - I delivered within 48 hours.

Dietary interventions

When the nausea subsides, optimizing nutrition is a wonderful tool to help the mother feel her best and minimize health risks to the baby.  For example, omega-3's, iron, calcium, magnesium, probiotics, and food sensitivities are a few of the common things I assess in all pregnant women.

Bach flower remedies & homeopathy

There is a remedy for everyone, and everything!  They are gentle and can be wonderfully effective.  With their minute dosages, the side-effects and interactions are often minimal.  Great option to consider for the the sleepless infant, the colicky infant, the teething infant... the list goes on!