SMOG language

I love talking to patients about their internal dialogue.  So many have a negative critic inside their head that dictates their actions, and ultimately their mood and motivation.  How do you talk to yourself when it's time to make a change, such as exercising or eating habits?  Is there a lot of "I should do this...", "I must get this done today..." "I outta do this to be a good spouse..." "I gotta stop doing this...".  This is the SMOG language that many people have been using since childhood.

When you want to change your diet, remember to take your supplements, or any positive change, re-framing how you speak to yourself can help your success!  Every time you tell yourself that you "SHOULD" do something, if you don't accomplish the task, you end up feeling like you have failed.  The cycle then becomes more vicious and self-deprecating.  How would you speak to a friend?  This is how we should be motivating ourselves.  "I want to do..."  "I feel better when I ..."  "I like how I feel when I....".  Try it today!