I just need some motivation

I hear this regularly from patients - they are lacking the motivation to change their diet, exercise more, or simply take their vitamins.  "If only I could get started" they will say, certain that the rest of things will fall into place once they overcome inertia.  There are many great blogposts and counseling techniques that can and should be researched for such things as visualization, guided imagery and more, but here are a couple of my favourite things that I can provide.

1. B vitamin injections - the quick energy these often provide can give someone the energy to get to the gym or prepare a healthy meal.

2. Acupuncture - patients come in, lie down, and leave feeling energized, focused and ready to tackle their obstacles to healing.  Patterns in Chinese medical theory, such as Liver Qi Stagnation, are hallmarked by feeling stuck, often feeling irritable, worsening PMS, and frequent sighing.  

3. Simplify the treatment plan - often patients are overwhelmed by their naturopathic doctor's recommendations as we can try multiple options to get quicker results.  Sometimes, a patient needs to accept slower progress and focus on simple changes.  They may need to pick one meal to work on improving.  "This week, let's try making better breakfasts with more protein" or "Let's make a list of things you can do when you're healthier" or "Vow to get an extra hour of sleep every night this week".