Teenagers & naturopathic medicine

Lately, there have been alot of teenagers going through my office, and parents have been surprised by how much naturopathic medicine has to offer this demographic.  The teens have come in with a range of concerns: acne, premenstrual difficulties, anxiety (one of the most common complaints), digestive upsets, cyclical vomiting, allergies, and concussions.  Naturopathic doctors are medically trained, yet naturally focused, to help patients understand the "quirks" of their bodies and use diet and other natural/lifestyle modifications to help.  Most of these teens were helped primarily with diet changes - low allergy, low inflammation, food sensitivities, increasing key nutrients, as examples.  When the diet changes didn't create enough change, acupressure, herbal medicines, homeopathic medicines, and craniosacral therapy can be pivotal.  Dosages must be adjusted based on age and weight, but otherwise, many options still exist.  It's so rewarding to see these families investigating health concerns and learning more about their natural management options in the early days.  Going forward, these teens are learning great things to stay healthy for life!

Craniosacral therapy

So excited to be able to offer craniosacral therapy to patients now!  This light-touch hands-on technique is excellent for dealing with restrictions in the cranial bones, sacrum and anything attached!  With those moving freely, patients feel:

- reduction of pain, TMJ dysfunction, and migraines

- better energy, mood, sleep and mental clarity

- improved behaviour and attention, especially in children

- reduction of post-concussion symptoms

My main reason for taking this training was to provide something for the wee ones, and those for whom acupuncture is not an option!  Treatments last 60 - 75 minutes and are typically a designated nap time for patients on the table!  If you haven't tried it yet, you will be amazed how easy it can be to feel better!