Conceive the possibility

Alternative medicines can provide many options for couples hoping to increase their fertility.  The World Health Organization approves acupuncture as a treatment to increase the success rates of IVF, and to help with labour.  Many women conceive while waiting to get into fertility clinics under the guidance of a registered Naturopathic Doctor.  Dr. Gayle does a thorough intake and testing to rule out challenges to fertility.  She helps many couples to cleanse and strengthen their systems and advises improving their diet for 1 – 3 months before trying to conceive.  In that time, hormonal imbalances, cortisol levels, sleep and exercise are all worked on through herbal medicines, homeopathy and acupuncture.


For some patients having difficulty conceiving, there are additional testing options available to rule out toxins, heavy metals, thyroid issues, and folic acid metabolism gene defects, all of which play a part in a healthy body and uterus.  Dr Gayle’s approach provides a comprehensive and individualized analysis of your body in preparation for pregnancy.


Once pregnant, there are many herbal and nutritional remedies to stay healthy, and reduce symptoms of pregnancy, like morning sickness, heartburn, and blood pressure concerns.  There are also many studies on the use of certain natural medicines to lower mental and behavioral concerns, allergies and asthma in children.  Dr. Gayle sees her pregnant patients in similar timed schedules as the patient’s obstetrician or midwife to maintain great care through pregnancy and treats both mother and child after delivery.