Herbal sore throat popsicles!

With the sore throat virus going around, my eldest is fighting it well, but these herbal sore throat popsicles are an amazing trick!  Be sure to supervise children whenever they are eating popsicles, and watch for allergies to any of the ingredients (note the honey content, and the choking hazard, make these inappropriate for infants under 1 year of age)


A few of my favourite things (for children!)

Optimal nutrition

Children are so wonderfully resilient and often so wonderfully uncomplicated.  They are often a product of what goes into them, and what comes out.  What a child is fed often dictates their health - itchy skin, poor sleep or bowel habits, hyperactivity, stomach pains, anxiety - are all often signs of a food sensitivity (as long as the child is well-loved, exercising and getting adequate sleep of course).

Craniosacral therapy

If you haven't tried it for your child - it is amazing for autistic children, anxious children, those with concussions or birth trauma.  The movements are tiny yet profound in their effects and its truly amazing to see these busy children love to lie still for their sessions!  For infants, I recommend trying to coincide a visit with naptime - home visits may be arranged, please ask.

Bach flower remedies and homeopathic medicines

As mentioned in the previous pregnancy post, I love these gentle therapeutic tools for their simplicity yet maximal results.  With the minute, even energetic-level dosages, they can be safely used in most, typically without interacting with other therapies or pharmaceuticals - but always check with Dr Maguire first.